Investing today for a better tomorrow

An economic down turn such as the one we have experienced over the past six months creates waves of negative impact that stretch far beyond the reaches of just the Oil&Gas Industry.

The first half of 2020 has crippled many companies and individuals alike – but to state that this should be looked at as an opportunity for new successes should not be disregarded.

Complacency among employees, employers and many companies as a whole has been shattered. Comfort zones have been stripped away, and a fear of the unknown have taken their place. Some will shut down and take role of the victim – in hopes that it will all turn around to where they will be able to once again step back into a comfortable role that they are familiar with.. truth be told – a large portion of those negatively impacted to this extent may not ever recover financially or professionally.

The weight of this life altering event is one that has shaken many to their very core – and this likely instilled a sense of ‘fight or flight‘.

Is now the time to stay sedentary and wait until it all ‘blows over’; or do you step up and invest in yourself – invest in your employees and invest in your company to make it better than ever before? It can be said that now is the time to strike. Build your Team with those you know have the drive to succeed. Take a step back and find your areas for improvement; focus on making those changes. Speak with your employees and actually listen. The ability to provide consistent satisfaction to an end-user must¬†start with a strong relationship between the service providing co-workers, employees and management. Once you establish a cohesive team with the same goals – you have the most important base layer to success. This theory extends to your Suppliers and End Users alike; just because ‘it worked before’ and ‘they were there when it was good’ doesn’t mean you can’t do better moving forward. It is important to remember you CAN change the situation you are in – you CAN make improvements now – and these changes that you exact now can greatly reflect how you pull through. As we begin to see the world regain its footing and recover from this – those who find success early on may be told they are lucky – but in order to be lucky, you need to put yourself in a position to have luck. As the saying goes ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’.

To INVEST is not strictly a financial implication – of course investing financially would serve any company a benefit; were it feasible. It is important above all to Invest your time, your dedication and your drive to succeed.

Logic NDT Solutions is here to help – we are investing in ourselves, and building the team you need tomorrow – today. Contact us, and let us know how we can help – You start preparing, we will be here with the opportunity.


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