Safety in an Uncertain Time

Safety in an uncertain time

Lately, the focus of most people is to ‘stay safe’. Practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, wear face masks and so on. We have all been made well aware that is very important, but it is also important to ensure you don’t let these uncertain times affect your worksite safety and level of quality.

It is easy to become detached from your day to day tasks with distractions stemming from the pandemic, economic turmoil, financial concerns and ever changing COVID protocols. These distractions can be disastrous to an employee and company’s future and well-being alike. It must be retained that when you are at your place of business – it is paramount that you focus on your task at hand. Follow your newly implemented regulations, but DO NOT forget what your primary goal is.

Work Safe and Be Present!

To Work Safe includes following all standard safety policies. Wear your PPE and follow proper work procedures at all times as required – even if you do not have the same amount of work as before, or you are only doing something ‘for a minute’. There is no place for complacency, especially in these times. Check your equipment consistently and be sure to complete hazard assessments and always report near misses. Given the decrease in the volume of work you may normally do on average, it can be easy to get into doing a task without being fully prepared or having the same ‘muscle memory’ as when you were busier. This can spell disaster and leave an employee injured or worse – and their company reeling from the implications of a downed employee.

To Be Present is to be mentally connected to what you are working on; do your best to put distractions out of your mind until you are completed your task at hand. When you are at work – you are present physically – and must ensure you are also present mentally and emotionally. A lack of focus on what you are doing is a quick way to make an error in judgement which can leave you injured – or result in what you are working on to ultimately fail. As an employee, you cannot afford to disable yourself from working – and as a company, you cannot afford to have non-conformances/failures. These non-conformances can not only tarnish a company’s look in the eyes of their Customers but can also cause a tidal wave of financial implications – which at these times can be disastrous to bottom lines and everyone’s well-being.

As a cohesive work unit, it is important to keep an open line of communication with employees/management alike. Assure your team knows that it is acceptable to take micro-breaks if they become overwhelmed for any reason. Make suggestions to improve the safety of your place of work – and make suggestions for what can be done to improve morale. Small things can go a long way to keep employees connected to their work and prevent a cloud of negativity from forming under the weight of unsurety of the future.  Understand that we are in the ‘same boat’, but many people are going through much different situations at home and outside of the workplace. Respect one another, and look out for each other – fear of job security should not be a time to stop caring about your fellow employees – for if they begin to fail – the negative impact it can have on the company can likely affect everyone. Many companies have external support systems – these can be a valuable and often under-appreciated tool.

At Logic NDT Solutions we are striving to continually better ourselves, and to provide the highest level of NDT Services to our Customers. We work safe – keep our mind on the task at hand and are driven to please our Customers and ensure a Quality Inspection experience. We are here to accept your demand for MPI/LPI/DS-1, Shot Peening, Float Servicing, Storage Solutions and are also excited to discuss any other potential Opportunities where we may provide you stellar service. Call or Contact us today!

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