Working with Logic NDT Solutions Ltd

Working with Logic NDT Solutions Ltd.

2020 has brought no shortage of financial, personal, and economic hardship – and has affected pretty near every person in the country. Challenges have risen that were never thought possible and new struggles continue to plague us personally and professionally. Despite many of the negative aspects that have stemmed from this years turn of events, we at Logic NDT Solutions are dedicated to turning a new leaf by rebuilding and operating with a fresh set of eyes and a new promise of improved service.

Why Logic NDT?

We are committed to providing a quality service and training to ensure our employees have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to carry out your work at the highest standard and in a safe manner. We maintain ISO and COR Certification and strive to stay at the top of our industry.

Honesty is integral to building trust and we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our Customers. We are building a team that is trusted to be true, effective, and reliable. Communication is a necessity to maintaining the building blocks of a strong working agreement.

Integrity is a pillar of importance within Logic NDT – we work hard to maintain relationships with our Customers who share a mutual respect and have the same goals in mind. We are driven to work hard and attentively listen to our Customers in order to make the necessary amendments to our operations to assure Customers satisfaction.

Passion is what keeps us going – we are passionate about our successes and having opportunities to prove ourselves to Customers and to win over new challenges. We will continue to move toward sustainable growth and diversifying our services so we can reach new levels and build with our Customers.

We pride ourselves on our quality and turnaround – Logic NDT Solutions Ltd does not rely on ‘buying our work’  and truly feel that building a professional business relationship with a reputable and trustworthy service plan is the most important factor.

We are a family-oriented company and do our best to provide a great work life balance to our employees. We trust our employees, are open to discussions and treat everyone with the same level of respect. Almost everybody has been impacted in 2020 by the downturn and pandemic, but we are working hard to be part of the positive movement towards rebuilding our economy. We keep doors open at Logic and welcome positive conversation and comradery in the workplace. Logic strives to be fair and ensure every employee receives opportunity and fair compensation for their dedicated service and progressive attitude.

It is important for it to be known that Logic NDT Solutions Ltd cares about both its Customers and Employees alike. We want to ensure the success of all our partners and team moving forward – and welcome you to contact us with your questions and concerns regarding Employment as well as Business Opportunities with us.

We look forward to hearing from you to start the discussion today!

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