Benefits of Third-Party Services

Are you making the right decisions to protect your Company?

Saving money on expenditures as a company is great – but only when you do it in a way that is conducive to safe business practices. Cutting corners is the reality that many Companies face when trying to bring down costs during difficult times.

The benefits of Third-Party providers can be overlooked when being considered by those who are looking to fulfill a need for a service but are driven by an intent of saving money. By turning a blind eye to the benefits you might focus only on the financials and overlook the peace of mind, long term savings and protection you are truly exchanging for.

Third Party providers mitigate risk to your company by creating a buffer from the sole responsibility of the work being completed. Upkeep of equipment, training, and betterment of staff as well as continuous management of documentation, certifications and more can become very time consuming and expensive to manage. Partnering with a reputable third party service provider gives you peace of mind in the event of an incident as well as knowing that should your Customer request documentation to ensure everything is being completed to specification – that you can confidently confirm.

As a supplier of essential Inspection Services, we know how important it is to maintain up to date records of calibrations and certifications. Many Companies have stringent requirements that must be met – and if you are not abiding by their requirements you can quickly lose a Customer – or worse.

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd maintains ISO and COR Certification and are proud to do so. We also ensure our technicians are properly certified and we work hard to keep our equipment calibrated and in safe working condition. Can you say the same about your in-house services or current third-party providers?

The utilization of unqualified personnel – or un-calibrated equipment can have a disastrous effect on your Company. Your End-User could request supporting documentation, and the inability to provide it may lose contracts that are vital to your Company. Having an untrained person completing work is not only unsafe but they can also easily overlook what a trained eye would see, which could result in a catastrophic failure – were this to happen, you would have nothing to stand behind when potential action against you and your Company begins. Ultimately – you are responsible to make the right decision to put the proper people in the necessary positions to protect yourself and your company from fault.

Regardless if your product is being handled by another direct supplier or vendor – you have a say in the Third-Party Inspection services being used. Ensure you know who is being selected for this process and be sure you review their credentials and certifications. It is also important to be mindful that these services can see steep mark-ups; you may very well be better off approaching the Third-Party service provider direct. We make it easy for you to send an email or make a phone call to us, and it can provide you a better option at a fraction of the cost. Logic NDT Solutions will happily work with you as an extension of your company – diligently acting as your eyes and ears to ensure the quality and conformance of your products. Visit our website and call or email us today.

The right decision is easy to make when you understand the true benefits of entrusting your requirements in the hands of Third-Party Service Providers.

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