‘Tis the Season to Help Others

‘Tis the Season to help others

There is no question that this past year has come with more than its fair share difficulties and challenges. Logic NDT has been fortunate enough to have some amazing loyal Customers who have stood beside us and allowed us to make it through 2020 successfully. In appreciation of those Customers along with a sense of responsibility to support those who have been impacted by these troublesome times – Logic NDT is happy to be able to give back this Holiday Season!

We have proudly offered donations to some local charitable groups who have been working tirelessly to provide gifts and necessities to the children impacted. In our eyes, no child deserves to go through the Holidays without receiving something special. We would like to give praise and show our gratitude and appreciation to those who have been working hard and volunteering for the Calgary Salvation Army and the Leduc Santa’s Helpers who have been investing their time and effort in to making this season just a little bit better for those going through difficult times. It is those people with that compassion and unyielding drive to improve the lives of those going through hard times who truly shine.

We encourage you all to do what you can to support those around you, especially in these times when so many need it the most.

Thank you to all of those who have been there for us, and all the best to everyone else. Keep your spirits up and keep moving forward, for if we strive together, we can thrive together.

Happy Holidays to you and yours and all the best in the coming year.

–       Logic NDT Solutions Ltd       –

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