What is CMT?

At Logic NDT Solutions, we use Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding technology to bring you unmatched precision. CMT is a cutting-edge welding method that operates at a lower heat input, resulting inreduced distortion, minimal splatter, and exceptional control.

With CMT, we ensure clean, high-quality welds, making it an ideal choice for applications that demand precision and efficiency. Whether it’s non-magnetic collar hardbanding, steel component welding/inspection, or any other welding requirements, our CMT process delivers superior results.

Take a look at our new Logiband NM Hardbands and the Sample Reports to get an depth understanding of our process and results! Also available for our Logiband NC (Steel)!

Test pieces are available upon requestcontact our team here! Experience the difference with Logic NDT Solutions and our CMT welding expertise, where precision and excellence meet in every joining.