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Magnetic Particle Inspection  |  Liquid Penetrant Inspection  | Visual Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection is an investigative inspection technique used for finding surface/near surface defects in ferromagnetic material. Magnetic particle testing is a versatile inspection used for both field and shop applications.

How it Works

Magnetic particle testing works by magnetizing a ferromagnetic specimen using either a magnet or special magnetizing equipment. If the specimen has discontinuity, then the magnetic field flowing throughout the specimen is interrupted, where leakage field occurs.

The specialist applies finely milled iron particles coated with dye pigment to the specimen. These are attracted to leakage fields and cluster to form indications directly over the discontinuity. This indication is then detected visually under proper lighting conditions.

Basic Procedures for Performing Magnetic Particle Testing

The basic procedure that is followed to perform Magnetic Particle testing consists of the following:

  1. Pre-cleaning of the Component
  2. Introduction of Magnetic Field
  3. Application of Magnetic Media
  4. Interpretation of Magnetic Particle Indications

It is essential for the particles to have an unimpeded path for migration to both strong and weak leakage fields. Therefore, the component in question

should be clean and dry before beginning this inspection process. The presence of grease, oil, or scale can compromise the inspection.

The introduction of the magnetic field can be done in a few ways, including the use of a permanent magnet, passing electrical current through the specimen or a coil of wire around said part, or through a central conductor running near the part.

Types of Magnetic Fields Used For Magnetic Particle Inspection

Establishing two types of magnetic fields within the specimen is possible.

Longitudinal Magnetic Fields

Longitudinal magnetic fields are produced using a magnetic coil or a permanent magnet called a Magnetic Particle Yoke.

Circular Magnetic Fields

We produce Circular Magnetic Fields by passing current through the part, or by placing the part in a strong circular magnetic field.

Magnetic Particle Inspection can use either wet or dry magnetic media. While the dry method is more portable, the wet method is generally more sensitive due to the liquid carrier giving the magnetic particles added mobility.

The Importance of a Skilled Inspector in The Process of Magnetic Particle Inspection

A skilled inspector must interpret indications formed after applying the magnetic fields. This requires individuals to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant indications.

  • Can detect both surface and near-subsurface indications
  • Can inspect parts with irregular shapes easily
  • Pre-cleaning is not as critical in comparison to other inspection methods
  • A fast method of inspection with visible indications directly on the specimens surface
  • Considered low cost compared to other NDT techniques
  • Very portable inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection is an inspection technique based on the properties of capillary action, the phenomenon of a liquid rising or climbing when confined to a small opening due to surface wetting properties of the liquid. We use this Penetrant testing to find surface breaking discontinuities on relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces.

Basic Procedures for Liquid Penetrant Inspection

The basic procedure necessary for carrying out Liquid Penetrant Inspection consist of the following:

Rolled Products: Penetrant identifies anomalies (cracks, seams or laminations)

Castings: Cold shuts, hot tears, porosity, blow holes or shrinkage

Forgings: Illuminating cracks, laps or external bursts

Welds: To identify cracks, porosity, undercut, overlap, lack of fusion or lack of penetration

Rotary Shouldered Threaded Drilling Tools: To identify cracks, corrosion pitting, mechanical damages on outside diameters, or inside diameters, and internal/external washing from fluid erosion

Two Types of Liquid Penetrant Inspection

There are two main types of Penetrant, Fluorescent or Visible. Within either of these methods, there are several other practices including water washable, postemulsifiable-lipophilic, solvent removal and postemulsifiable-hyperdrophilic.

There are six main steps involved with penetrant testing:

  1. Pre-Clean.
  2. Application of Penetrant Material.
  3. Dwell Time/Penetrant Removal.
  4. Developer Application
  5. Inspection/Evaluation.
  6. Post Clean.

Advantages of Liquid Penetrant Inspection

The main advantages of Penetrant Testing are:

  • Relatively easy to use
  • Used on a wide range of material types
  • Large areas or large volumes of parts/material can be inspected rapidly and at low cost
  • Easily inspect Parts with complex geometries
  • Indications are produced directly on the surface of the part providing a visual image of the anomaly
  • Using Aerosol spray cans make equipment very portable

A partial list of these certifications/techniques includes American Petroleum Institute (API), SNT-TC-1A, and DS-1 (TH Hill) Standards.

Visual Inspection

This is a visual inspection technique to multiple industries.

All NDT techniques are based on interpreting visual anomalies to determine test specimen soundness as detailed by the code or specifications to which the test is performed.

However, specific industries require a variety of visual inspection certifications to inspect their specific equipment.

A partial list of these certifications/techniques includes; American Petroleum Institute (API), SNT-TC-1A, ASNT, CGSB, and DS-1 (TH Hill) Standards.

Connection Thread & Seal Repair  |  Machine Shop Services  | Hard-Band & Mud-Ring Repair  |  Window Cutting & Tools Serialization

Connection Thread & Seal Repair

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd works with specialists trained and authorized through Logics’ extensive professional training to complete tasks as per specification. Our specialists verify the Thread and Seal Repair of rotary shouldered connections in the visual portion of the inspection process.

There are acceptance criteria dictated to Logic by the specific specifications followed, and by our customers. Some clients have written acceptance criteria that supersedes other criteria. While others do not have criteria and instead require Logic NDT Solutions Ltd to follow the criteria that is stipulated in the work/purchase order.

Unfortunately, in many drilling applications, some threads and seals may become damaged. There are two types of damages, one of which can be repairable onsite, while unfixable onsite damages must be sent to a machine shop to be repaired or re-cut.

Machine Shop Services

In many drilling applications threads and seals may become damaged, cracked, exposed to corrosion inhibited pitting, and washed due to fluid erosion. Unfortunately, because a part may be cracked, further evaluation is required depending upon the nature of the material.

There are acceptance criteria dictated to Logic by the specific specifications followed, and by our customers. Some clients have written acceptance criteria that supersedes other criteria. While others do not have criteria and instead require Logic NDT Solutions Ltd to follow the criteria that is stipulated in the work/purchase order.

Non-ferrous materials require Liquid Penetrant evaluations, while ferrous materials require Magnetic Particle evaluations.

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd offers three types of machine shop services to our valued clients:

  1. Manufacturing of tools or new rotary shouldered connections
  2. Re-cut rotary shouldered connections or a face
  3. Chase repair services of a rotary shouldered connection of shoulder

All three of these services require Logic NDT Solutions Ltd to transport  from or to our critical provider’s facility to perform the required services for our customer. Logic NDT will verify the proper machining is followed through by inspecting everything before delivery to the customer.

Below are some examples of damages that require a machine shop repair:

Hard-Band & Mud-Ring Repair

Our specialists determine the Hard-Banding servicing of drilling during the  visual segment of the inspection process.

There are acceptance criteria dictated to Logic by the specific specifications followed, and by our customers. Some clients have written acceptance criteria that supersedes other criteria. While others do not have criteria and instead require Logic NDT Solutions Ltd to follow the criteria that is stipulated in the work/purchase order.

The size (width) and type (PTA or Laser Clad) of hard-banding are provided to us by our clients. We monitor the before and after measurement by issuing hard-band report format given to the provider by Logic NDT Solutions Ltd on behalf of the customer.

Once completed, the customer receives a copy, and Logic keeps a digital copy for reference if required later.


Window Cutting & Tools Serialization

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd offers professional window cutting and tool serialization services on a wide scale to ensure our clients receive premium quality services.

We use the best experts in this field with state of the art machinery to provide cutting-edge tool serialization services.

Shot Peening

Our technicians perform Shot Peening on a number of different tools using several methods of media with varying levels of intensity.

Shot Peening is the process in which we blast the surface of material in order to alter the surface composition, it becomes more resistant to cracking and less likely to fail due to stress corrosion.

In order to ensure your product is Shot Peened appropriately, we will review your specific Customer Requirements. Logic NDT Solutions will ensure we have the appropriate media loaded (Ceramic/Glass/110/330/550/780 Steel NM) and perform an Almen test to ensure our intensity is set to the appropriate level as per our clients needs.

The benefit of Shot Peening results in longer lasting tools and equipment, a decrease in galled threads and overall savings on costly tool replacement and repairs.

Allow Logic NDT Solutions Ltd to take care of Cleaning, Masking, Blasting, Decontaminating, and returning of your tools!

Model F Plunger Type |  Model G Flapper Style

Float Valve Supply & Servicing

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd has a Float Value inventory which includes Model F Plunger Style, and Model G Flapper Style float vales available both in ported and non-ported configurations.

We are able to supply many variations and sizes of Float Valves – but we also have access to Float Repair Kits. Logic provides a service where we will pick up your used Float Valves, bring them to our facility and rebuild them for you – saving our clients both time and money! Float Repairs come complete with a detailed report.

The following products are available in Standard Service and Hi-Temp/NACE assemblies:

  • Plunger Type

The Plunger type valve offers positive and instantaneous shut-off. During normal drilling operations, it offers economy and durability. The piston stops flow-back when making connections and keeps cuttings out of the drill sting. Parts are interchangeable. This positive and instant shut off works against high and low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling. For normal drilling operations, the durable Model F is the most economical choice and is available in all sizes.


  • Flapper – Full Flow

The Flapper style valve features a cast flapper. The quick opening provides unrestricted full flow through the valve. The Model G Flapper Type Open Valve incorporates a specially designed flapper which opens fully and quickly to provide a completely unrestricted bore through the valve. The Model G is especially good when used with highly abrasive fluids. When circulation ceases, the flapper closes instantly to prevent cuttings from entering the drill string and plugging the bit. The valve opens when the first joint is raised out of the hole, assuring the first joints drain and are not pulled wet. The Flapper-type valve complements primary blowout prevention equipment to provide complete internal pressure control.


Float Valve Specifications Guide

Tool Management Services

Tool Management is an equally important component at Logic, which separates us from our competitors in the fact that we offer a one stop shop”. At Logic NDT Solutions Ltd we broker all repair and maintenance required services for both used and new drilling tools for our valued customers.

Our tool management services are broken down but not limited to:

  1. Inspection Services
  2. Repair On & Offsite Services
  3. Hard-Band Services
  4. Storage Services
  5. Shipping and Receiving Services
  6. In Town Trucking, and between Calgary & Nisku Services
  7. Tool Rentals

Collar Tubs – For High Volume Storage, 100k lbs Capacity

Tree Racks – Drilling Tool Storage / Job Pick Rack

Window Cutting & Tool Serialization

Having the ease and ability to cut windows and serialize assets helps maintain organization for tool management. Logic NDT Solutions Ltd can cut windows and stamp all sizes of tubulars ranging from 3.5″ OD up to 11″ OD and can cut up to 1″x 8″ window slots with our portable milling machine.

Compact & Powerful

Compact, rugged, portable milling machine for on-site keyway and other milling jobs.

  • Self-centering and self-aligning V-base
  • Needs only 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) of shaft for clamping
  • Clamps on shafts up to 10.5 inches (266.7 mm) diameter with optional chain clamp
  • Slotted V-base allows you to cut right to the end of the shaft

Efficient Operations with High Quality Components

  • Vertical & Horizontal travel via hand crank
  • Dovetail ways for accurate cutting action
  • Standard Weldon-type spindle accepts 5/8 inch end mills, or 16 mm shank end mills on metric machines
  • Precision Acme thread leadscrew with roller thrust bearings
  • Zeroing-type vertical adjustment dial calibrated to control cutter depth in 0.001 inch (0.1 mm) increments
  • Sealed aluminum alloy gear box permits operation at any angle
  • Precision ground quill housing ensures smooth operation

Have any inquires? Please contact us at Logic NDT Solutions Ltd