Who We Are

Logic NDT Solutions at a Glance

At Logic NDT Solutions our unwavering commitment lies with our clients and partners. We deliver top-quality, dependable, and cost-effective NDT solutions to meet our client’s unique needs. Our extensive range of services ensures seamless and safe operations, enabling our customers to operate efficiently with minimal hassle. At LOGIC, we pride ourselves on staying true to our 3 core values:


Our Vision

Our vision for LOGIC’s future is to be a leading company in the NDT industry, enhancing the productivity of our clients and providing exemplary service.

Our Mission

LOGIC’s mission is to provide top-notch servicing using innovative procedures born out of integrity, passion, and professionalism while following due process, quality, safety, and effective operational optimization.

Our Values

Logic NDT Solutions conducts all business with integrity, loyalty, transparency, efficiency, and respect. We frown heavily upon double standards and will always represent the best interest of our clients.

Priorities and Principles

Logic NDT Solutions is committed to providing excellent Service Solutions to our existing customers while expanding into new partnerships.

Our principles are based on our 4 key priorities:

  • Represent our customer’s best interest in all operations.
  • Delivering outstanding communications, meticulous planning and perfect execution to exceed Industry Standards and our customers’ expectations.
  • Create a sustainable environment for long-lasting business partnerships and successful transactions with our esteemed customers.
  • Provide a supportive environment for our valued employees to pursue their passion and encourage their professional growth.


Our Strategy for Sustainable Growth

We believe in using our operational expertise in several industries to deliver top-notch services to our business partners. We combine our multinational expertise and our wealth of experience to deliver top-quality products and services that create a positive impact on the environment and benefit all parties.

Logic NDT Solutions understands the importance of controlled growth. We hedge our investments and prepare for the unknown by reinvesting 60% of all profits back into the market. LOGIC prioritizes strengthening relationships with new and existing business markets by exploring new opportunities, growing a strong management team, and by maintaining a solid blueprint for growth and sustainability.


Our Brand Promises

Logic NDT Solutions pledges to uphold the concrete standards that are the bedrock of our organization. We promise to keep up with our innovative working procedures and always provide proactive solutions for all our clients’ needs.

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