Connection Thread & Seal Repair

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd collaborates with highly-trained and authorized specialists to complete tasks as per specification. Our experts verify LOGIC’s Thread and Seal Repair of rotary shouldered connections during the process of visual inspection. In many drilling applications, thread and seals can become damaged. These are classified into two types: repairable on-site, and unfixable onsite damages; require a repair or re-cut at a machine shop.

Machine Shop Services

Threads and Seals may become damaged, cracked, exposed to corrosion-inhibited pitting, or washed due to fluid erosion. Due to the material sustaining cracks, additional evaluation may be required depending on the material’s nature. Non-ferrous materials require Liquid Penetrant evaluations, while ferrous materials undergo Magnetic Particle evaluations.

LOGIC offers three types of Machine Shop Services to our valued clients:

  1. Manufacturing of tools or rotary shouldered connections
  2. Re-cut rotary shouldered connections or a face
  3. Chase repair services of a rotary shouldered connection of shoulder

All these services require transportation to or from our critical provider’s facility, LOGIC will verify the proper machining is followed by conducting a final inspection before delivery is returned to the customer. Below, we have some examples of damages that would require machine shop repair:

Hard-Band & Mud-Ring Repair

Our specialists determine the Hard-Banding servicing of drilling during the visual segment of the inspection process. The size (width) and type (PTA or Laser Clad) of hard-banding are provided to us by our clients. We monitor the before and after measurements by issuing a Hard-Band Report given to the provider by Logic NDT Solutions on behalf of the customer.

Once completed, the customer receives a copy of the Hard-Band Report, and LOGIC keeps a digital copy for reference if required later.