Shot Peening

Our technicians perform Shot Peening on a number of different tools using several kinds of media with varying levels of intensity.

Shot Peening is a process in which we blast the surface of material in order to alter the surface composition therefore making it less like to fail due to stress corrosion and more resistant to cracking.

In order to ensure your product is Shot Peened appropriately, we will review your specific Customer Requirements – ensure we have the appropriate media loaded (Ceramic/Glass/110/330/550/780 steel NM) and will perform an Almen test to ensure our Intensity is set to the appropriate level as per your needs. Allow Logic NDT to take care of Cleaning, Masking, Blasting, Decontaminating and returning your tools for you.

The benefit of Shot Peening result in longer lasting tools and equipment, a decrease in galled threads and an overall savings on costly tool replacement and repairs.